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Sewing Unlimited/AvreniM Designs

                                    Minerva Diann Savoy LLC.

 Tailor/Seamstress - Fitter - Pattern Maker - Fashion Stylist

Freelance Entertainment Industry Wardrobe Professional     

Photo Albums

Entertainment Credited Projects Entertainment Credited Projects JACKIE (Biography, Drama 2017) 201910932 JACKIE (Biography, Drama 2017) 201265339 The DROP (Feature Film) 200161363 For Colored Girls(Feature Film) 200161364 Remember Me (Feature Film) 200161362 Boardwalk Empire (TV Series) 200161365 Dep Leppard ( Live Stage) 200161366 Money One (Commerical) 200161367 201910930 The WIRE (TV Series) 200161368 Man On A Ledge (Feature Film) 200161369 SALT (Feature Film) SALT 200161372 My One & Only (TV Film) 200161370 For Richer For Poorer( TV Film) F 200161371 Sorceress Apprentice (Feature Film) Sorceress Apprentice (Feature Film) 200161976 The Beaver (Feature Film) The Beaver (Feature Film) 200269746 HBO- Boardwalk Empire (TV Series Boardwalk Empire ( Season 1) TV Series 200269694